Source code for AYABInterface.convert

"""Conversion of colors to needle positions."""
from collections import namedtuple

NeedlePositions = namedtuple("NeedlePositions", ["needle_coloring", "colors",

def _row_color(row, color):
    return [(0 if color_ == color else 1) for color_ in row]

[docs]def colors_to_needle_positions(rows): """Convert rows to needle positions. :return: :rtype: list """ needles = [] for row in rows: colors = set(row) if len(colors) == 1: needles.append([NeedlePositions(row, tuple(colors), False)]) elif len(colors) == 2: color1, color2 = colors if color1 != row[0]: color1, color2 = color2, color1 needles_ = _row_color(row, color1) needles.append([NeedlePositions(needles_, (color1, color2), True)]) else: colors = [] for color in row: if color not in colors: colors.append(color) needles_ = [] for color in colors: needles_.append(NeedlePositions(_row_color(row, color), (color,), False)) needles.append(needles_) return needles
__all__ = ["colors_to_needle_positions", "NeedlePositions"]