Source code for AYABInterface

"""AYABInterface - a module to control the AYAB shield.

.. seealso::
# there should be no imports

__version__ = "0.0.9"

[docs]def NeedlePositions(*args, **kw): """Create a new NeedlePositions object. :return: an :class:`AYABInterface.needle_positions.NeedlePositions` .. seealso:: :class:`AYABInterface.needle_positions.NeedlePositions` """ from .needle_positions import NeedlePositions return NeedlePositions(*args, **kw)
[docs]def get_machines(): """Return a list of all machines that can be used. :rtype: list :return: a list of :class:`Machines <Machines>` """ from .machines import get_machines return get_machines()
[docs]def get_connections(): """Return a list of all available serial connections. :rtype: list :return: a list of :class:`AYABInterface.SerialPort`. All of the returned objects have a ``connect()`` method and a ``name`` attribute. """ from .serial import list_serial_ports return list_serial_ports()
__all__ = ["NeedlePositions", "get_machines", "get_connections"]